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About Us


Yahoo you found us!  


Lox and Fox Baby Boutique, is a BC Mama operated business currently based out of our home at SilverStar Mountain Resort.  I am so unbelievably thrilled that you've found our site and are interested to know more about us.  

I'm currently a mama to our, recently turned, one year old daughter Loxley and her furry 5 year old sister Charlie girl.  My husband Kyle works out of town for anywhere between 3-6 weeks at a time and with the lack of daycare availability in the area, and being laid off from my sales role upon my return to work, I needed to find something that ignited my passion and allowed me to stay home with our daughter.  

While I was pregnant with Lox, I quickly realized a few things about myself when it came to getting ready for her arrival: 

  1. I valued quality over quantity.  
  2. I valued items that were sustainable, green, and made from natural ingredients etc...  
  3. I really wanted to stay away from anything plastic (plastic items take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills.). There had to be alternatives.  
  4. I wanted to buy items that would stand the test of time and be developmental in nature.  
  5. I wanted clothing that was soft to touch, that felt good against my skin, that allowed freedom of movement for my baby and that would treat her delicate skin with love.  There is so many cute baby clothes out there but so many are so restrictive to them that I wanted her to be able to move as freely and comfortably as possible.
  6. I wanted clothing my baby could feel good in and that I could feel good about.  I liked stylish and trendy items.  But I wanted these items to last, yet I wanted them to be well played in, to be dirtied, to make those sweet memories in and yet still be able to be passed down to siblings/cousins or sold as preloved clothing.  I didn't want to support Fast Fashion and wanted to do my best to not purchase items that would soon just end up in a landfill. 
  7. I also learnt how great it feels to support small business and wanted to be a part of that community.  

So when the time came for me to figure out how I could help support our family from home, I knew I wanted to open up a baby/mom boutique that compiled all these things in one place to make it easy for those looking to buy items for their own babies or kids, a gift for someone else.. or even an item to treat themselves.  I wanted to open a shop where I could promise to my future customers that I would bring them items that they can trust and that their littles will love. 

So here we are.. Lox & Fox Baby Boutique.  A thoughtfully curated life and style shop for the modern baby, child parent and gift-giver!  Products that are stylish, sustainable, and practical!  Items include clothing that will provide you with the most scrumptious cuddles, products great for teething yet make the best and cleanest bath toys.  Items that will make your home look stylish and products that will help soothe and restore that soft skin.  I am hoping customers will look to Lox and Fox as a great site to surf through to source new brands and support a bunch of small businesses. 

But in all reality I'm just a small business run by a new mom who is excited to share some of her finds with you!  


Thank you for shopping and enjoy.  


Tanis, Kyle, Loxley and Charlie Girl.